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One firetool that
can do it all.

  • Lift
  • Pull
  • Place

Our Story

Founder Brent Dohn grew up, like many Georgia boys, with a first rate education from his father’s workshop. From sharpening chisels for the perfect dovetail to attitude adjustments, the workshop on Wildlife Drive provided the tools Brent needed to grow into a hardworking man with the power and patience to create beautiful things.

With the intention of crafting something strong enough for large scale fires, he knew it also needed to be a timeless piece of art whose beauty matched its functionality. Brent shapes and finishes each firetool by hand in the workshop, passing down his craftsmanship for generations to come.

Our Process

We hand-select each wood board to ensure the highest quality. In our workshop, we plane the boards down into turning blanks, meticulously crafting the handles with care. The metal is then shaped, formed and finished with a high heat paint to withstand the hottest fires. Each tool is built entirely by hand with patience and dedication.